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  * [[https://smashingconf.com/toronto-2019/speakers/steven-hoober|Authentic Digital Design, by the Numbers]] — Tuesday, 25 June — 5:10 pm   * [[https://smashingconf.com/toronto-2019/speakers/steven-hoober|Authentic Digital Design, by the Numbers]] — Tuesday, 25 June — 5:10 pm [[https://vimeo.com/showcase/6133041/video/349189358|Vimeo]]

Steven Hoober

Steven Hoober wrote the book on mobile design patterns, and is best known for his ongoing research into how people really use touchscreen phones and tablets. He is a reformed unicorn who has been a DBA and a FED but has focused on designing for mobile and multi-channel products since 1999, designing the first Google mobile search, the first mobile app store (for Sprint), mobile browsers including parts of the Samsung one you might be using right now, websites like Weather.com and Lowe's home improvement, and apps for companies like Hallmark, US Bank and Cummins diesel.

Steven maintains a repository of mobile design and development information including all the content from the O'Reilly book Designing Mobile Interfaces at the 4ourth Mobile Patterns Wiki, regularly writes for UX Matters magazine, and UX Magazine, among other writing and speaking.

If you want me to speak at your event, check out my speaking policies first.

Español Steven es un autor y consultor conocido principalmente por su investigación continua sobre cómo las personas realmente utilizan los teléfonos y tablets. Es autor del libro “Designing Mobile Interfaces: Patterns for Interaction Design”. Ha participado en el diseño de apps para empresas como Weather.com, Hallmark, US Bank y Cummins.

Polskie Steven napisał książkę o wzorcach mobilnych projektów i jest najbardziej znany ze swoich ciągłych badań nad tym, jak ludzie naprawdę używają telefonów i tabletów z ekranem dotykowym. Projektuje produkty mobilne i wielokanałowe, m. in. pierwsze Google Mobile Search, pierwszy sklep z aplikacjami mobilnymi (dla Sprint), przeglądarki mobilne, w tym części Samsunga, witryny takie jak Weather.com i Lowe's, oraz aplikacje dla takich firm jak Hallmark, US Bank i Cummins Diesel. Steven jest współtwórcą książki O'Reilly Designing Mobile Interfaces oraz publikuje artykuły na stronie 4ourth Mobile Patterns Wiki, a także regularnie pisze dla magazynu UX Matters.

Steven Hoober - Aren't I a dynamic, engaging speaker?!

Virtual Training

Why travel to see me when you can spend just $26 for a year's unlimited access to 3.5 hours of lectures, plus associated references and homework, a monthly newsletter and more!

Speaking, Workshops & Other Events











  • User Centered Design - 2 November - Art Institutes International Kansas City
    • Mobile Design in :20 Introduction to mobile for designers

  • Design for Mobile 2010 - September 2010 - Chicago, Illinois
    • Designing Device Design Deliverables

    • "Design for Mobile First" Panel with Scott Jenson & Luke Wroblewski

Before 2010

  • JCCC - 16 November 2009
    • Ten things web designers need to know before going mobile

  • November KCDesignCore Meeting - 5 November 2009 - JCCC Reginer Campus

    • Designing for Mobile Devices

  • Design for Mobile 2009 - 21 April 2009 - Lawrence, Kansas
    • Weather Channel Mobile Redesign: After Action Report Slideshare

  • MobileWidgetCamp - 7 September 2008 - Austin, Texas


Speaking Policy

As you may have noticed, I will happily share information with anyone. I'd love to come to your conference, workshop series, or other event. But, since I have spent so much time and money on this over the last few years, I want to be clear what I do, under what conditions:

I will:

  • Make a presentation with you, for your audience and their skill level and interests. I will only talk about things I know I can confidently explain or have an opinion on.
  • Go to any location, at almost any time. Check with me first to make sure it fits my schedule, but in general I do everything first-come, first-served and do not mind travel at all.
  • Attend your whole event, assuming it is remotely something I can follow.
  • Be social. I'll answer questions, on stage or off, come to lunches or drinks, and be a top tweeter of other speakers at your event.
  • Participate however else you ask me. Need a spare person on a panel, to sign books or sit at a lunch table and incite conversation? Okay!
  • Give away stuff, maybe. I often have spare stuff, like books or software. Stuff I have enough of or don't need. If so, I tend to bring it along and give it away to attendees.

You will:

  • Work with me on any arrangements, and to make sure the presentation or workshop appeals to your attendees, and meets their expectations.
  • Provide graphics as needed (your event logo, for example) to assure my customizations look professional and support your brand.
  • Provide suitable facilities and materials for workshops. It won't go as well without a good room, paper, Post-It notes, and markers. Plus I probably travel so can't bring them easily.
  • Assure there's a normal projector. VGA or HDMI, not a silly USB system so I can't attach other devices or see speaker notes.
  • Cover any travel expenses I incur to get to your event alone, including taxis and related expenses, lodging and a reasonable fee for meals outside the event. If I am already in town or it is otherwise local to me, I won't charge mileage for that. I mean when I have to fly there. You can book this yourself, or reimburse me. Fine with other hacks like having your interns pick me up from the airport.
  • Pay for my time. I spend a lot of time preparing, but I'll make it simple and give you a deal: pay for the time I am at your event, at my hourly rate. Three days, all day, is under USD5,000 so it's not that bad really. Exemption for some events, such as local meetups. But if you are a company or a large, for-profit event, you can afford it. I am happy to do several things such as a workshop on top of speaking, book signings, poster judging, or whatever else you come up with to help you get value for it.
  • Have a published code of conduct, and a demonstrated policy of abiding by it, and of generally providing safe and responsible environments and events.

I don't have any demands aside from those listed. I have no fixed fees. I don't demand money to account for notional lost business, or anything.

Note: I only really speak English. If not all your attendees are fluent in it, tell me so I can deliver the deck early with extra words for translation, so everyone can follow along a little better.

If you want me to come talk to or train your company, in such a way there should probably be an NDA, you should contact me to arrange this as a piece of paid work, and to make sure it addresses the specific needs of your organization.

Quotes About How Awesome I am

"It’s possible that Steven Hoober has done more research than any one human being on mobile and in his presentation, Tools for Mobile UX Design and How People Really Hold and Touch he definitely provided the data proving it! I recommend that anyone who is doing mobile design watch this presentation, which provides great heuristics to keep in mind in terms of text size, visible target, finger size, design by zones and more. He also has for sale on his website, 4ourth.com, a great little tool, which enables UX designers to evaluate their mobile design based upon actual text and finger size!" Lisa L. Trager

Other Online Resources

Slideshare and YouTube also include items on land navigation and sensors, but just ignore those.

Other Photos

Mostly for me, in case I need another promotional ones. These are approved by my wife as things where I don't look stupid and am not doing something (mostly: shooting) that would offend some people.

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