Have to label location in a system or process...




None I can think of...

Interaction Details

None usually.

Sometimes, and usually OS wide, can do something with it that is related to the area. Such as a tap on the row reveals additional info or functions (URL entry and details for browsers) or causes an action such as scroll to the top (where the title is at the logical top of the page).

Presentation Details

Text title in a bar or similar area anchored to the top of the page or element.

Optionally use icons. Don't over-do icon repetition; if a pop-up label, then don't use the app icon again. Use it for conditional icons if needed, like if an error, use an alert icon instead.

Write a bunch about doing writing well and having consistent voice, etc.


Do not repeat the same phrase, such as always saying the name of the application or site on every page. Be specific.


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