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Do you have the skills, interest and attitude to help 4ourth Mobile provide services to our clients? Read through, see if you agree (and have the skills) and maybe we can work together. Need more info, or want to apply for one, just contact us.

Open Needs

UX Leader - Full Time / On Site - Indianapolis

Full time, on-site in a shiny new Fortune 100 client office in the Monument Circle area. We are expanding the scope of involvement in a long term project, and adding to our on-site team, need a leader to coordinate the activities of the design team and the front end Web development teams, meet daily with client product teams, meet regularly with client software/API developers, communicate the design intent and philosophy, enforce the use of reusable components and design standards, and even do actual design here and there!

There may also be bits of usability research, and you will work regularly with remote 4ourth Mobile resources, and represent our intent and integrate our design work.


If you know (or know of) me at all, you know that I have strongly held beliefs around design, what devices we design for, how important the user is in the process, and what makes a good design document. This article covers key principles of design, and others Steven wrote may be worth perusing as well to see if you agree with the way we pursue design work. The following principles of design work should help you understand if you'd like to work with us:

This article outlines are some really good practices as well. Call it a roadmap for your career if you wish, but I also find it's a mindset thing and you don't need to have been doing this for twenty years to have these attributes.


4ourth Mobile gets contracts with clients to perform work, based on a rate and hours. For most of the above needs, you are not an employee, but an independent subcontractor of ours, performing work for hire.

Wait, so you don't actually hire people?

Traditionally, agencies hire you on full time and give you business cards and a desk, then fire you when the work disappears. Been there. I don't think it fosters a good environment, and I don't want to promise you full time employment if I can't give it. So these are contract/free-lance type jobs, even the full time ones. When I am confident the work is regular and persistent enough I can offer full time actual employment, and you want that, then I will.

Also notice that some of the work is for proposed projects, and I (probably) get the contract once I find a person. I have to go that direction, annoyingly. That means if you like one, and agree to work it, some time passes between that and actually working, or you do related work but maybe not exactly what what we both want for a bit. We'll discuss that before you have to commit to anything./

So, that may make me look like a shady jerk, but I am very deliberately doing that now so I don't have to either string you along, or fire you without notice (or both) later on. Questions? Ask away!

How much do you pay?

Rate, and most everything, is negotiable. Tell me what you think you are worth an hour and we'll talk about it.

I am happy to work with you as an individual, or as a company. There can be tax benefits to setting up a little company for yourself, so more often than not individuals do that. It's fine with me.

We Cover...

Yeah, no benefits because you work for yourself. Think about that when you ask for your rate.

We do pay for directly work related expenses, such as software you may not have.

Basic work stuff, we usually do not. You have to have internet and a computer for example. Commuting is on you, but travel like to another city for a research project is an expense you submit.

If any of that is confusing, just ask.

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