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  * [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/gel/tv/device-considerations/designing-for-tv/introduction|Global Experience Language - TV]] by the BBC - Style guides and many guidelines and principles for TV graphics and interactive TV.   * [[https://www.bbc.co.uk/gel|Global Experience Language - TV]] by the BBC - Style guides and many guidelines and principles for TV graphics and interactive TV.

Other Devices, Platforms & Needs

Though the patterns in Designing Mobile Interfaces are supposed to be general enough to apply to kiosks, telematics, 10-foot Ui, etc. and my touch research originally was also, experts in those fields insist they just aren't the same. I have given in and in the interest of increasing knowledge, am going to start linking to the good stuff in related domains. If you know of a good info source for any of these, tell me about it and I'll add it.

  • Wearables

  • Kiosks even if they are made by strapping an iPad to the wall, have different context, and different environmentally-derived interactions. Design them differently.

  • 10-foot-UI is any interactive experience viewed from a distance. The usual assumption is a TV in a living room. Smart TVs have brought this out of the game console, and made it more mainstream. Your website is getting viewed at 10 foot range, in group settings.

  • Telematics

    • Dark Screens in Cars a discussion that took off with many good links.

    • Car UX is just a bunch of photos of car control panels. So, continuing the bad tradition of confusing UI with UX.

  • Games No matter what they are on, game design is a bit different. Different enough I did not cover it in anything else in this book. Game design resources (TBD) should be referenced generally.

  • Augmented Reality - Not really a platform like the others, I have seen enough good stuff that is really pushing the bounds of what we think of as interaction and interface that I think AR also needs a separate and robust set of standards. I have also used an Occulus Rift and it. Is. Awesome. AR and VR is maybe going to happen and we need to not be surprised by it and muddle through this transition. We need standards. Now.

  • Manuals - I hate FAQs, and help in general. It's a matter of principle that I don't design help systems for my tools. But manuals do exist, and need to not be terrible. I have a lot of terrible manuals, and encounter a lot of bad ones at work, but never have a way to suggest how specifically to improve them aside from just hiring good writers. Well, now there's a guide to good manuals.

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