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 * [[https://medium.com/@shoobe01/what-i-do-a-plea-for-human-factors-and-usability-7b445f9578f8#.t2i3g3h3t|What I do: A plea for Human Factors and Usability]] Medium, 9 August 2015
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 * [[http://www.uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2017/03/design-for-fingers-touch-and-people-part-1.php?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter|Design for Fingers, Touch, and People, Part 1]] UXmatters, 6 March 2017


Steven writes occasional articles, writes a regular column for UX Matters, and edits books and other articles. If you like what I say at a conference, you might like some of these also.


Written in whole or in part, contributed to, or just edited.


Articles I Contributed to


  • Donttouchme my personal blog. Which over the years goes from nerdy general designer, to fairly personal (not embarassing, just stuff like travelogues) to UX nerd, to unused and back.

  • Little Springs Design. I wrote a huge percentage of the articles for my old agency. Some good stuff here, but some are hard to read as the company died and what's left of this blog is a text-only record. So, no images. A few were ported over to my personal one above, or dual-published on both so look around.

  • http://ericberkman.com/blog/

Extremely Not-Comprehensive List of Interviews, Referencing, or Talking About me

Reviews and Mentions of Designing Mobile Interfaces

I keep hoping for reviews, but haven't noticed a serious one outside of Amazon yet. Meanwhile, there are a few sites giving a lot of traffic. Both to be nice to them with in-kind links, and because the mentions mean you might like the articles, here they are:

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