Designing Products for Everyone

Digital accessibility in public accomodations

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Do you need to meet new federal guidelines for accessibility? Do you just want to be able to sell products to the billion people in the world with a disability? Accessibility is increasingly required, by law, regulation, and business sense. Find out how to design your digital products to work for everyone.

Compliance is getting more arduous, and you are probably regurgitating lies and half-truths about it, as well as missing out on understanding how many of your users are disabled. And that's just the surface level. As soon as you dig into you find that the majority of your user have (or will have) a disability, and mobiles are used in so many environments that our watchword should be designing for everyone. We have to stop tacking on accessibility (or not), and include these considerations right from the start.

This presentation will give you:

  • The history and impact of public accomodation laws in the U.S.
  • The principles of comparable access, and recent legal rulings
  • Key stats and trends in global accessibility and disability
  • Some important tactics, and example you can use to design for everyone
  • Guidelines to create a sense of univeral design within your organization

After completing this course you'll be ready to turn your organization into one that designs for all your users, is ready to react to problems and market or technology changes, and can create an environment of compliance to protect yourself.

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Designing Products for Everyone

43:32 - 17 November 2015

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